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How much web hosting bandwidth do I need?

Bandwidth of the website is the actual amount of data transferred through the website at one time. The whole gamut of web hosting works on this parameter. If you have lesser bandwidth, it may hamper the speed of your website. There is a particular amount of data which has to be transferred through the website that has to be calculated wisely; otherwise you may land up making your website unavailable for the visitors.

Bandwidth is generally misunderstood with data transfer. They both are different practically and in terms of terminology. Data transfer is more discrete function; it signifies the actual data which has to be transferred every time your website loads. Bandwidth is a vehicle of certain capacity which transmits the data.

How to calculate the bandwidth?

With so many visitors browsing your website per day it is certainly difficult to identify the precise bandwidth needed. When you quantify all the parameters related to the bandwidth, it is simpler to arrive at a particular amount. It is necessary to understand what each terminology stands for in the bandwidth calculation.

Bandwidth can be called as the conducting medium of the data. You will have to identify the exact volume of data that should be flowing through your website once it is loaded on the browser. Web hosting service providers need this magnitude of data transfer in order to give you the appropriate plan.

Your website’s bandwidth can be calculated using a simple formula which uses size of your website, number of pages your website has and number of visitors your expect for your website in a day. It is a simple multiplication which derives the monthly bandwidth required for the website.

Say for example, you have 3 pages on your website and on an average including graphics, images etc. your page size comes to around 40KB. You may have 80 visitors on your website in a day and they might take a look at all the three pages. So the bandwidth of your website per day should be

40KB X 80 visitors X 3 pages= 9600 KB

The webhosting service provider will be keen on knowing the bandwidth you require on monthly basis as they would be having appropriate plans for the same.

In order to estimate the bandwidth for 30 days you will have to simply multiply per day bandwidth with 30. So, as per the above specification you might need 288000 KB bandwidth which can be converted into GB as 0.288 GB/month.

What is not allowed in the unlimited plan?

The following are not allowed in the unlimited plan:

  • Content which you cannot distribute
  • File sharing/archive/mirroring sites
  • Site which diverts the traffic to another site
  • Sharing your account details with general public

More than unlimited bandwidth, unmetered bandwidth is the best option wherein you can use as much bandwidth as you want at a fixed price. This is least risky on the part of the buyer.

Most of the web hosting providers thrive on the basic bandwidth requirement of the websites which will sparingly use bandwidth of not more than some gigabytes. For the website owners there are enough options to choose from unless you have exclusive requirement of extra bandwidth.